Explore the flavors, the traditions and the Jab with Djunction for Miami Carnival 2024. Join the exuberance of JUBILEE as we celebrate 50 Years of Grenadian excellence, creativity and culture inspired by the Isle of Spice.

Adore the soft petals in hues of pink and purple bloom. The national flower since ‘74 decorating the countryside, leaving residents and visitors in awe.


We are the misunderstood warrior. We are the symbol of black expression and liberation. Free from the bondage, we torture their demons. For we are Jab Jab.


Meet me down by the crescent moon shore, where turquoise waters lap the sparkling white sand, providing an oasis of serenity and beauty.

Grand Anse

Get captured in the essence embracing the strength (Red), loyalty (Royal Blue) and amiable spirit (Yellow) of the Grenadian. For our history is nothing without the power of the people.
"Ever conscious of God, we aspire, build and advance as one people"


Join us as we bele in the moonlight and become a spectacle in a parade of lights, making St. George’s glow.

Night Mas

Come and get a taste of spice… from the Spice Isle that is. Representing the land of nutmeg, mace, cinnamon, ginger and clove, get enveloped in the warmth of our Spice section