About Us

D-Junction Mas was founded in 2012 as an entity of Adonis Events, Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that creates fund development for charitable organizations and community enrichment projects throughout South Florida. As a premium all-inclusive carnival band in Miami Broward One Carnival,

D-Junction’s mission has been to promote the richness and diversity of the Caribbean culture with unique costume presentation and unparalleled customer service to every masquerader within our care. Our inaugural year was met with 230 masqueraders and has steadily increased participation between 2013 through 2016. D-Junction Mas has maintained and exceeded a level of excellence in customer service and uniqueness in costume quality and design. We encourage our masqueraders, sponsors and supporters to embrace the many facets of the Caribbean culture beyond carnival to include the music, the food plus the charitable and community driven initiatives within the diaspora. President and D-Junction Mas Band Leader Wilfred Armstrong created D-Junction Mas Band to further promote the unity, culture and the tradition of the Caribbean through modern, innovative designs by collaborating with top costume designers across the Caribbean and United States.